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"JUNO" gentle short and wide Pitbull


Mar 2017

Available for Adoption at Oregon Humane Society!

here's my Ohs weblink

animal id # 201279

Hi, I?M Juno and I?M hoping you?Re the best friend for life I?Ve been searching for! Add me to your life, and we can do all sorts of fun things together: go for walks, play fun games, learn new tricks, and have great times together. It?Ll be fun for us to learn about each other as we spend time together doing all the things best friends do. I?M always ready to make new friends, and greet a smiling face and gentle touch with wiggles and wags. I do so hope you?Ll choose me! I?Ll add that little extra something your life has been missing until now; a fluffy bundle of love on four legs! See you soon! Juno came to OHS from Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter through our Second Chance Program.

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