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"REED" cuddlebug Pitbull knows "sit, down, and shake"


Dec 2016

here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 582681

Hi there! My name is Reed and I'm a sweet Pitbull mix on the search for my new home. I'm really a big cuddle bug and I can't get enough love or attention from my people. I'm a smart distinguished fella, and I already know Sit, Down, and Shake! The shelter folks think that this older dog can learn even more new tricks with reward-based training. I can get a little excited and sometime jump up on people so I would probably do best in a home without very small children (8 ). Think we could be a match? Stop by and say hello! I'm around 3 Years old and weigh 69 lbs.

So, Here are my Mug shots!  I bravely suffered through it

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