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"BING" Chi mix boy LOVES to Fetch!!


Apr 2017

Bing LOVES to fetch! What a fun trait for a Chihuahua!

Available for adoption at Oregon Humane Society!

here's my Ohs weblink

animal id # 201280

My name is Bing and I?M looking for a warm lap to lie on. It takes me a little time to trust new people in new places, but give me a bit and we?Ll be great friends. That?S probably how I will greet most new people, but I?Ve heard it?S a somewhat endearing trait. I really do enjoy getting daily bouts of exercise, and a Basic Manners group, like those offered here at OHS, would help further boost my confidence in new situations. I?Ve come here with the hope of finding my forever home, and you seem like just the type of person I want to spend forever with. How about we visit for a while and see if we?Re a match like I think we might be? Bing came to us from Bonnie Hays Shelter through our Second Chance program.

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