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"BUZZ" run jump chase play- fuzzy terrier


May 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

mcas weblink (5/7 adoption pending)

animal # 591592

My name is Buzz! I am 1.Lima years old and I weigh 13 pounds. My friends at the shelter gave me this name due to all the energy I have! My favorite things to do are run, jump, chase, and play. I love toys, but I really enjoy a run around the yard just as much! My new family should make sure to have a secure area for being off-leash or always keep me on a leash and collar. I love to run, but sometimes I think it is too fun to play "keep away" with my friends and sometimes I am hard to wrangle. I hope to find a fun family who can keep up with my energetic, "full on go" outlook on life, so please come down to the shelter and take me for a spin!

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