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"WIGGLES - happy update


Apr 2017

May lima, 2017 Happy adoption Update

"Melo (the dog formerly known as Wiggles) is doing great. She's been basically the perfect dog; timid at first but she's coming out of her shell a lot. She sleeps in bed with me, gets good food and 2-3 good walks a day-not bad for a shelter pup. I'm in love and I'm pretty sure she is too, seeing as she tries to spoon me when we sleep. She seems to love every person she meets. Overall she's a fantastic dog and fits in here perfectly." - Daniel D.

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 585314

Hey everybody!! My name is Wiggles and I'm sure you can see why. I am a very social lady that is so happy all of the time and in constant motion! I just can't contain my excitement and joy for life! I am looking for a family that is high energy and has time to teach me the basics. I am a very smart lady, but do need some work on my manners. I love treats, so reward based pembinaan should be a piece of cake for me! The shelter is recommending kids in the home be 8 years or older due to my jumpy/mouthy behaviors. If you think we could make a fantastic match, please come and meet me today! I need to be the only pet in my new home. I am about dua years old and weigh 48 pounds.

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