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"CODY" happy Golden Retriever


Apr 2017

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 572060

Hi there I'm Cody! I'm the sweetest Golden Retriever fella you'll ever meet! My favorite thing to do is either to be close to you getting endless love and adoration or playing ball. I really really love playing ball. You have to have a second ball to get me to drop the first one actually. Did I mention how smart I am? I already know "sit" "shake" and "downdanquot; and I love to roll over and let you scratch my belly. You probably noticed that I have some skin issues - this is likely allergies and because of this a healthy diet and consistent flea control will be very important for me. I've lived with another small dog before and done well so if you have a canine friend I'd love to meet them! I am truly a sweet boy and would love nothing more than to go home and spend my days with you. I'm about 6.Lima years old and weigh 82 lbs.

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