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"SPROCKET" enthusiastic Bull Terrier pup


Apr 2017

here's my Mcas weblink (4/22 possible adopter, check back)

animal id #589609

Hi, I'm Sprocket! I'm a young Bull Terrier puppy looking for a new place to call my own. Right now, I'm a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and my ideal home would be ready to help tackle my crazy puppy energy and teach my manner so I can be a perfect canine citizen. I am very mouthy - especially when I play - but with some patience and simple training I can learn how to appropriately use my mouth. My breed can be very stubborn and I would recommend looking up what to expect when raising me. Another thing to know is that I food guard and my new home needs to be ready to manage that. If you are interested in meeting me, come over to the shelter first thing! There will be a sign-up sheet out at 10am on 4/22/17 and adoptions operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. I'm about 6 months old and weigh 28 lbs.

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