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"CHARLIE BROWN" The CUTEST big eyed little Pitmix

"TRANSFERRED" to a  Placement Partner!

Apr 2017

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animal # 583115

Hi my name is Charlie Brown,

I am dua yrs old and weigh 42lbs. I am looking for someone to help me build my confidence as I am a little fearful and scared of new situations. I really like my treats and will learn quickly to do what my handlers want me to do for treats. However, my handlers did tell me that I can sometimes be too eager and rough when take treats out of their hands. I need to continue working on having a softer mouth. I also get possessive over my food bowl, so I will need additional training with my food bowl and feed in a separate room. Due to this I need to go home with children 15 and up. Give me a little guidance and patience and I am sure I can run straight into your heart.

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