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"THELMA" and " HARLEY" horses!

Sound Equine Options is an amazing local  non-profit Horse Rescue Group based in Troutdale Oregon

If you are looking to adopt a horse, or would like to help horses in rescue, the group is well worth checking out!

Available for Adoption with Sound Equine Options!

Thelma (featuring Banjo the dog)- here is Thelma's SEO weblink

Thelma came to us from a herd of racing quarter horse broodmares.  She has had several months of groundwork training and has recently been started under saddle.  This mare has very elegant movement and should be ready for a home in the coming months.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in following her progress!

NAME: Thelma

AGE: 18

BREED: Appendix Quarter Horse


HEIGHT: 15.1 hands

COLOR: Chestnut

STATUS: In Training


HARLEY (Harley is an Oregon Humane Society horse with SEO - 4/16 possible adopter - check back)

we were caught in a sudden downpour!

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