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"MARIA" Well adjusted, mellow and peppy - NOW at Oregon Humane Society!!


July 2017

Now Available for Adoption at Oregon Humane Society!

Please visit Maria, she's a great dog!

here's Maria's OHS weblink

Hi there! I?M Maria and I?M hoping you?Re the best friend for life I?Ve been searching for! Add me to your life, and we can do all sorts of fun things together: go for walks, play fun games, learn new tricks, and have great times. I love to go on adventures, sniffing my way through the world one fire hydrant at a time; but even my love for adventure doesn?T compare to my passion for squeaky toys. Like me, squeaky toys are fun and carefree, full of life, and always there to cheer you up. They help me get through the long days, and I so hope I can do the same for you. If your life could use a good, reliable squeaky toy, I just might be the pal for you. I came to OHS through the Second Chance Program from Multnomah County Animal Services.


"TRANSFERREDdanquot; to a Oregon Humane Society!

June 2017

Maria was a MCAS "Pitties in Pink" super star

in the Pride Parade!

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