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"ALABAMA" very timid lovable young charcoal/white Pitbull


July 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

AlabamaMcas weblink

animal # 596335

Alabama here! I'm a sweet pitbull mix lady looking for a new home. I am very frightened here at the shelter and if you really want to see what I'm like - please ask to meet me outside the kennels! I'm very sweet and energetic. I've met other same-sized dogs here and I've done well - though I have a more rough 'n tumble playstyle so I would need to meet any other dogs you have before going home to make sure we're a match. I can be very jumpy and physical when I'm excited so I may not be the best match for very small children. I'm about9 months old and weigh 44 lbs.

I'll need someone with extra patience to help me succeed!

Hope next week we can show you happier pics :)

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