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"CHEERIO" handsome tall (too lean) Pitbull


June 2017

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animal # 592777

Hi I'm Cheerio! I'm a happy go-lucky fella who can sometimes be a bit timid in my kennel but I'm quite the lovebug when I'm less stressed. I love to play tug and toss around a squeaky toy and together we could go for long walks and explore all the good new smells in the neighborhood! I don't have great social skills with other dogs right now - but I'm trying to learn - in the mean time it would be best that I be the only dog in my home. You may have noticed that I'm a skinny guy and I have shown some food-guarding here at the shelter so my new home would need to have children 14 years and older and be prepared to help me manage this behavior. Think we could be a match? Come say hi! I'm about tiga years old and weigh 54.8 lbs.

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