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"MILO" cool Lab/Border Collie mix


June 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

Mcas weblink    ( (6/14 possible adopter, check back)

animal # 596345

My name is Milo and as you can see at 68 lbs., I need to spend a little less time in the kitchen and a little more going on walks. I'm aout 5 years old and a real sweetie. I'm a leaner who likes to cuddle and get petted. I need to be the only dog in the household and am not a dog park candidate as I prefer the company of humans rather than other dogs. I did live peacefully with a cat and livestock, so chickens, pigs, llamas and goats have nothing to fear from me. If there are children in my new home they should be 8 & up as I don't like to be hugged

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