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"SPENCER" chi mix


June 2017

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 591603

Hey everybody! My name is Spencer and I'm looking for a new home. I can be a little shy in new situations and may take a little time to adjust. Once I do though, watch out. You won't be able to get me off of your lap. I am quite playful and enjoy being with my people. I came in as a stray, so not much is known about my history, but the shelter is recommending that I live in an adult only home, due to some handling sensitivities. I can also be selective about my canine friends, so if you have other furry friends, we will need to meet before I go home. If you think we could make a great match, come and meet me today! I am about tiga years old and weigh 10 pounds. I am in a different area of the shelter, so please ask a staff member to see me.

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