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" REMI " teenage lab mix


Sept 2017

mcas weblink (9/9 adoption pending)

animal # 117217

My name is Remi and I'm searching for a special home! I am a high energy boy that needs someone to teach me impulse control and keep me both physically and mentally stimulated. I am not for the first time dog owner and do come with some quirks. I am very physical in play and can become obsessive about my ball. When I get overexcited, I have a tendency to jump up and mouth and have gotten into a little trouble with this. The shelter is highly recommending reward based private training classes to help me curb some of this energy. I am a very smart boy and am certainly eager to learn! My new home will need to be an ADULT ONLY home, due to my quirks and energy level. If you are looking for a project dog, come and meet me today! I am about 10 months old and weigh 53 pounds.

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