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"ANGUS" mellow Shepherd mix type


Sept 2017

Favorite dog :) Don't let the hairloss get you down!  Angus is an easy going guy and it will be rewarding to see him blossom in your care with some medicated baths (which he is good about getting) and regular flea treatment.  Sweetheart! and seems easy around the other dogs

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal #120759

Hello - I'm Angus! I'm a German Shepherd mix fella searching for a new home to take me in. You may have noticed that I have some skin issues and will need to be on consistent flea control for the rest of my life to keep me healthy. But I don't let a little hairloss keep me down - I am a playful and loving guy who enjoy pets and a good play session with a ball! Come and meet me today and let's get a start on our new life! 9 yrs, 51 lbs

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