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"CRYSTAL" ( Mcas) aka "PIPPI" ( Bapbr) Happy Adoption UPDATE!!!

After tiga years, Crystal, AKA Pippi was adopted!!!

"Longtime MCAS volunteers will remember this sweet girl as "Crystal." Dedicated BAPBR foster parents Lily and Wayne have their first "foster fail" after 5 successful years as canine foster parents, and 3 years fostering Miss Crystal - Lily and Wayne have adopted her!!! Thank you for giving her a loving home! Molly Sheffield-Eisler thank you for being her advocate and the momentum behind her rescue placement! And Thank You BAPBR! Angela Adams thank you for saying "yes!" SDOP facebook post


Here's me doing Zoomies in the snow!!!

Hey Everyone! Check out my new Video from my very

first NOSE WORK group today!!

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