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"BARLEY handsome young mix


Sept 2017

Be fun to do a DNA test on this young guy! Barley is a smart and  goofy youngster, with freckled paws, Labby type fur and coloring, a lean medium size body and silly ears from who knows where,  and  Pitmix chubby cheeks :)

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

Mcas weblink  (9/6 possible adopter, check back!)

animal #96577

Hi I'm Barley! I'm a goofy male Lab mix on the search for my new home. I'm playful and energetic with a knack for learning. I already know Sit, Shake, and Down! I love to play with toys though I can get a little too excited and will jump on you and get mouthy. But with some reward-based training, I should be able to curb that impulse! I have shown some food guarding here at the shelter and due to this and my rowdy playtime I would do best in a home with kids 12 years and older. Come say hi!

1 yr lima months, 57 lbs

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