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"CASPER" handsome Blue eyed/white Pitbull


Sept 2017

mcas weblink

Hi everybody! My name is Casper and I'm looking for an active home. I love people and am very eager to learn. I already know how to sit, shake, and down. Though I am still working on my manners on jumping up when I get overexcited. The shelter is recommending that if you have kids in the home they should be over the age of 8 years due to my jumping up. I can be selective of my dog friends, so if you have another canine in the home, we will need to meet before I go home. The shelter is also requiring a feline-free household with my new residence. If you think we could make a great match, come down to the shelter and meet me today! I am about 2 years old and weigh 73 pounds.

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