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"TAYLOR" cool chubby middle-aged Border Collie mix


Sept 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal #109150

Hi there! My name is Taylor and I'm looking for a special home. I am a sensitive guy that is looking for a quiet home where I can be your one and only animal companion. I'm just really like to be spoiled and doted on. My previous owner had many wonderful things to say about me and I will make someone special a fantastic partner. I have lived with other animals before, but I'm really just not comfortable with them. I have also lived with kids, but I prefer them to be calm and respectful, so if you have kids in the home, I ask that be over the age of 8 years old. The shelter is a stressful place for me, so please know that once I get into your home, I will relax. Also, if you don't mind providing me with some tennis balls, that would be fantastic! If you think we could make the perfect match, please come and meet me today! I am about 10 years old and weigh a hefty 74 pounds.

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