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"BABY BELLS" tri-colored little mix


Sept 2017

Baby Bell might do great in a home with a compatible dog who was more outgoing than she is, to help her gain confidence.

Mcas weblink  (adoption pending 9/26)

animal # 121470

Baby Bells here! I'm a small little girl who's been a bit scared here at the shelter but I'm starting to warm up quickly! I am really happiest being where my people are. I would love nothing more than the curl up on your lap or trot along with you on walks. If you are seeking a close friend to keep you company through your life, then I am the dog for you! Through thick and thin, I will be by your side. Because it takes time for me to warm up and I can be a little fearful, I would need any children in my new home to be 5 years or older and go slow with me. I'm in a different area of the shelter to ask to meet me!

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