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"HALSTON" Amazing update - delightful Special Needs senior Poodle mix - Indigo Rescue

Back story -  Halston was a shelter stray who when seen by vets/vet specialists was diagnosed with a severely broken spine, had no feeling in his back legs or tail and his prognosis - would never be able to use his back legs again.

Who know how long this mobility will last, but there seems to be no reason to restrict him - and Halston is very happy!!!!

See his new running/play video here


This little guy is quite amazing!  Halston is a "special needs" senior - and may live the rest of his life as a Rescue foster dog...but I hope someone wonderful sees him and adopts him - NOT to feel sorry for him, but to enjoy his joyful spirit

Halston's first time in a wheel chair

Available for Adoption with Indigo Rescue!!

Halston is living in a foster home

here is Halston's petfinder weblink

what a smile!

Petfinder - Halston is a 5lb poodle mix (we aren't sure what with), that is estimated at 12 years old. Halston came in to rescue with a broken back. We didn't know his back was broken at first, because he was walking on his back legs, they just didn't work very well and he would sometimes he drag the tops of his feet, or topple backward into a sitting position. We took him to two vets, one for x-rays, and one to see if physical therapy might help him, and finally we learned that not only was his back broken, but his spinal cord is either severed or severely damaged. There is no signal traveling from his brain to his rear legs, or his tail. So, it sounds like he should be completely paralyzed - why could he walk (a little)? Turns out, there is a thing called "spinal walking", and this is how Halston can get up on his back legs. It's really amazing. You should google it. Anyway, we aren't sure what happened to Halston, either he was hit by a car, or a dog shook him and broke his back.

Halston is NOT sad about his condition. He is super active, and wants to GO, desperately. We felt so sad watching him try so hard to run that we found him a wheelchair. This wasn't an easy task because his legs are long and the size of wheelchair that was light enough for him to pull was too short. The size that was tall enough was too heavy, and pulled him over backward. We finally found him the right size wheelchair, and the minute we put him on the ground in that wheelchair, he was on the move! He LOVES it! He can go, too. We were running most of the time just to keep up with him! See a Youtube video of Halston's first wheelchair walk using the link above.

We also had a dental done for Halston because his teeth were terrible and he had probably never had a dental before. Turns out he had two berkaitan dengan mulut-nasal fistula's (holes that go from where a tooth used to be, up into the sinuses), and getting his teeth fixed up made him feel so much better! He started eating better and gained a pound in just over a week. Yay!

Halston is looking for a home where he doesn't have to be alone most of the time. He gets sad and frustrated with nothing to do. He loves to flop around and burrow in pillows and blankets (especially if they belong to a human), and of course, he absolutely needs to go for his special wheelchair walks. In a perfect world, the veterinary physical therapist says he would benefit from physical therapy, especially their swim therapy, but it is not a requirement for his adoption, just on our wish list :o) If you would love to have a special guy, who makes you smile and inspires you every day, Halston is YOUR GUY!! Inquire within...

Adoption Process: We are not first come first served. Indigo Rescue focuses on finding good matches between dogs and families to ensure life long adoptions. We deliver all dogs to their new homes. All of our dogs are in foster homes. We have a few of our dogs available for meets at the Tanasbourne Petco on Thursdays from 4-7pm and at PetSmart on 185th every other Sunday from noon until 3pm. Or, if you're interested in a particular dog, you can send us an e-mail with answers to the questions below. Just copy and paste the questions into your email to respond. If the dog seems compatible with your situation we'll set up a time for you to meet the dog.

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