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"GEORGE" young Weim/Lab mix


Nov 2017

Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!

George's Oregon Weim Rescue weblink

I Love this guy!  Young, very gentle, well mannered (med sz)  sweetheart Weim/Lab mix. George has separation anxiety in some situations and will need a home where:

....."People are around more than they are not; he has an established (dog) companion to show him the ropes and act as a security blanket; the people in his life understand how to train utilizing positive reinforcement."

Children: Any (deals with my 1 year old niece thwapping him on the head just fine)

Cats: Thought to be ok with most

Dogs: Yes!

You can read George entire adoption profile description, and learn about how to apply for him if interested,  on George's Oregon Weim Rescue profile

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