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"FERN" SENIOR! Aussie mix - relaxing retirement home


Sept 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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Hi there! My name is Fern and I'm looking for a relaxing home to spend my golden years in. I am a spry girl, despite my age, and enjoy going for daily walks. I am social, adore people, and have some tricks up my sleeve. I came to the shelter with a skin allergy and ear infections. The shelter has treated me for the infections, but the cause of my skin allergies are still unknown. It could be fleas, food, or something in the environment. It will be important for my new family to connect with their Veterinarian quickly to get me started on treatment. I may also be developing arthritis, so they can check that at the same time. My new family should also know that my previous home indicated that I have started to become incontinent. The shelter has started me on medication for this. I am a fabulous girl that's looking for someone special and I hope that's you! Please come and meet me today! I am about 13 years old and weigh a thin 50 pounds.

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