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"JOLENE" darling teenage Lab/border collie mix


Sept 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

JOLENE mcas weblink ( adoption pending 9/29)

animal # 122392

Jolene here! I'm a sweet little Lab/Border Collie mix girl here to steal your heart! Like all puppies, I am a bundle of fun and goofy energy. Sometimes I get too enthusiastic and like to try to chew on my leash so I will need some basic manners training to help me be a perfect doggie citizen. As an active and intelligent lady who already knows "sitdanquot;, I would love a home able to provide me with ample mental and physical stimulation. If you are looking for a smart companion to spend your days with, I'm your girl! 9 mths, 35 lbs (not fully grown)

Please note - these quick pics were taken the same day as Jolene's spay surgery. She was still quite sedated :)

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