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"VINNIE" and "SAM" bonded weimaraner siblings - OWR


Oct 2017

Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!

V and S FOSTER home noted: "As far as weims go, these two are incredibly low maintenance. They want attention when they want it but do just fine being left for short stretches as well. Vinnie and Sam will make someone very very happy."

Vinnie and Sam's  Oregon Weimaraner Rescue weblink

10/14 adoption pending

Vinnie and Sam are two purebred, neutered, 5 year old brothers looking for a new and loving home together after their previous owner passed away some weeks back. The boys are current on rabies/DHPP and have no known health concerns aside from continuing their weight loss regimen. Vinnie and Sam are both wonderful footwarmers who love to be at or near your side and respond well to basic commands. Neither is particularly fond of fetch, preferring instead to explore about together within eye/earshot of their person.


These two are wonderful loves who require a soft touch and a welcoming pack (of people and dogs) to accept them. We do not have an extensive history on them (aside from vet records) but what we have learned in their 4 weeks of fostering is all positive with no negative experiences to report.


If you are interested in being considered to adopt these boys, please submit an application below (or email us if you have previously submitted an online application)


PHOTOS: Vinnie has the blue scarf. The tennis ball photo was a "throw the ball to him, he catches it and immediately drops it before wandering off" :)

Children: Sturdy

Cats: Unknown (must bring to meet)

Dogs: Yes



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