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"BILLY the KID" aka Zander - Happy Adoption UPDATE!


Nov 2017

Dec, 2017 Happy adoption Update "In the middle is Zander (Billy the Kid) & far right is Jack (Zoolander, who we adopted in spring/2016) and our Rottie, Adi. Zander and Jack are an amazing addition to our Family. All three are very happy, loyal and very loving dogs. My Husband was never a dog person until we adopted our Pit bull mixes. He is now in love with these boys and the breed.

*Note the cat under the tree. All three of these big dogs bow down to the Balinese. The cat rules and they're ok with that."    -Kim S.


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Howdy partner, Billy the Kid here. I am a fun loving and energetic Pitbull mix with a cowboy walk and the attitude of a goofball. Dogs like me love to get out and play but are not always sure what to do with our mouths. I can tend to get so excited I use my mouth to communicate. My ideal family will be active, patient and use positive pembinaan methods to help me become a more refined pup. I am eager to learn and can't wait to show you how smart I am! Come meet me at the shelter today!

2 yrs 64 lbs

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