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PLEASE NOTE - PhotoBlog photos are copyrighted and owner does not give permission to use them in any negative context

I am a volunteer - not the Mcas shelter. btw- I do NOT post anything on Craigslist.

Please note: I am a long term MCAS volunteer, and have devoted many hours to helping these local homeless shelter dogs find good homes, and do what I can to promote them through my photography on this Photo Blog site.  I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO ANYONE  TO USE THESE COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS FROM THIS PHOTOBLOG/ and/or SDOP FACEBOOK, IN ANY CONTEXT WHERE THE CONTENT IS USED NEGATIVELY TOWARDS THE MULTNOMAH COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER, ITS ANIMALS, STAFF OR VOLUNTEERS.

All of the dogs that you see on the Photoblog that say "Adopted" or "Transferred" have been such. It is a very high percentage of the dogs; and there is no "time limit" for them at the shelter.

Some dogs coming through adoption have been available 8 months or more, a heck of a long time to not have a home, and live in an often noisy kennel. Realistically,  many dogs would become kennel crazy if they weren't adopted way before that. Most adopted animals go on to live happy lives in their new homes.

Some of the adopted dogs featured on this photoblog may have been brought back to shelter later, and these are usually put back onto the adoption floor or go to a rescue group. If a dog is brought back into the shelter, and is not yet put back onto adoption, then I remove their file from the photoblog.

It's unfortunate that it is necessary to post this. I (we) appreciate the positive sharing of the

posts/photos that can help to bring additional public support to the MCAS shelter, and these homeless Portland dogs who are looking for good homes.

Some of the dogs (by no means "all") that come through the MCAS shelter who are put onto adoption -  in order to give them another chance at a good home - are not "easy dogs'. Some have been in multiple homes that gave up on them before ever coming to the shelter.

These dogs may need special adopters. Unfortunately, these great "forever home" special adopters or rescue groups are not always there for the dogs that need it.

Rescue groups and adopters are usually looking for the easier/ or often just more marketable dogs to "rescue" from the shelter, especially adopting/helping dogs of the smaller variety. OR - they rescue the dogs from out of state - while the local dogs sit forever in the shelter.... Sadly, Rescue groups seldom choose to help the longterm large dogs on MCAS adoption who need it the most!

There need to be more skilled dog trainers/ rescue groups with good foster homes/better shelter facilities who are willing to devote the needed time, energy and training resources for some of these less easy to adopt larger shelter dogs -  AND GET THEM OUT OF THE SHELTER ENVIRONMENT BEFORE THEY GO DOWNHILL.... as ultimately they will decline, in spite of daily walks, food and shelter and whatever enrichment that limited shelter resources can provide. At some point, if an animal deteriorates badly and alternatives cannot be found, it becomes animal cruelty to just keep an animal alive forever in a shelter.

Please note - we live in a  great animal loving community and ALL OF the local animal shelters have very high save rates. And ALL OF the local shelters also use euthanasia. MCAS is absolutely no different in this regard than any of the local shelters, but they are the only shelter who is chronically being targeted by someone's personal hate campaign.  Not everything is perfect at any shelter, but MCAS staff and volunteers and supporters are always striving to make things better, and sadly any personal hate campaign against this shelter does NOT help these animals that so many of us want to help.

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