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"BARNEY" happy update - sweetheart spry senior


By his foster dad who loves him:)

Jan 2018

Barney was originally from the MCAS shelter and later transferred to the rescue group Animal Aid PDX .

Photo courtesy Animal Aid, Pdx

You can learn more about him from Animal Aid.

Here's Barney's Animal Aid weblink

Hi there, I?M Barney! Nice to meet you. I?M a well-mannered mellow fellow, an American shelter dog mix who is 13 years young and 32 pounds. I enjoy brisk walks but also just relaxing with human buddies. I am looking for a suitable adult-only home where I can enjoy my golden years as a solo pet, other dogs make me uneasy. I have gotten along with cats in passing though. I have shaky legs but love my strides outside and am in good health for my age. Can you keep up with me? I?M sure we?Ll get along great and can enjoy plenty of down time together as well.

My estimated birthdate is 7/1/2004.

			Photo courtesy Animal Aid, Pdx

Barney at MCAS

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