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"HARLEY" happy adoption update

Nov 2017   Happy Adoption update: Harley

"Oh, hi there - Happy Handsome Harley here! Just dropping you folks at the shelter a line to say a great big THANKS for caring for me all those months I was with you, and also wanted you to know I may come back for a visit to share my new people skills and manners. However, I won't be checking in again. Nothing personal, but since I discovered pillows, I simply couldn't live without them - the couch or bed (yes, I let my new mom sleep in the bed with me since she asked so nice!), makes no difference, I love 'em all! AND all my fabulous new toys, my daily walks, playing ball in my backyard and the plethora of treats provided, all equal one happy pup! Not to mention the peace and quiet of having my very own house, which I am thrilled to share with my loving forever family. They dig me the most, but I can't quite grasp why they can dig me, but I can't dig in the backyard - not to worry, mom told me we'll get there in due time. Thanks again for your patience, Mom says I'm doing great and will have lots of friends in no time.

Love & Sloppy Kisses,


-Lorie P.


Oct 2017

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's myMcas weblink  10/26 possible adopter - check back


My name is Harley and I'm looking for a special home. I am very active, love to play, and enjoy being around other dogs. I have met several dogs here at the shelter and have been told that I'm a playgroup rockstar! I still need some work on approaching other dogs on leash, but I am fabulous once in a group. My biggest issue is trusting new people and may take a few meetings to feel comfortable. My perfect home would be one where I have plenty of room to run with not a lot of foot traffic, so to say. It would be awesome to have some sort of job on a farm where I could exert all of my energy and use my smarts! I am very smart and have quite a few tricks up my sleeve too! My new home should be feline free with adults only. I am a fabulous boy once I get to know you, and would love to sleep in the bed with you! If you are interested in meeting me, please ask a staff member to meet me as I am in a different area of the shelter. I am about 1 year 3 months old and weigh 45 lbs

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