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"HERCULES" cute Puggle type? (english bulldog/terrier mix)


Jan 2018

Mcas weblink (1/7 approved adoption pending meet and greet)


I'm Hercules - don't let me small stature fool you, I've got energy and enthusiasm to spare! I am a fun loving and energetic Bulldog mix fella. Dogs like me love to get out and play but are not always sure what to do with our mouths. I can tend to get so excited I jump for the first thing I see, and I was never trained to not use my mouth so I can be extremely mouthy when excited or nervous. Sometimes I can even pee a little bit when I feel scared or very happy. My ideal family will be very active and ready to put in some hard work to get me to a place where I am well-mannered. I would need any children in my new home to be 15 or older and preferably used to being around a wild pup like myself! I think working with a trainer would be a fun way for us to bond and learn together. I am eager to learn and can't wait to show you how smart I am! 1 yr 6mths 30 lbs

(note in response to a comment/question - Hercules' current adoption fee is $150 plus the cost of a 1 yr license in Multnomah Co ( $25 for a neutered male dog. )


Adoption fees include the following:  adoption fees include the following services:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • First set of vaccinations, including rabies
  • Health exam at the shelter
  • Health exam at a vet clinic
  • Microchip

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