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"STEWIE" ADOPTED!!!!! the cutest little Staffie Bull terrier mix

Dec 5, 2017  Stewie was adopted today!!!!!

After being in the shelter system since January 2017, Stewie has been adopted to a nice younger couple.

Stewie has lots of fans, and we all hope it's a great match for everyone!

We'll get updates!

Ok, maybe not the best pic but I bet Stewie is very happy!

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

Back from temporary foster - come see Stewie in the shelter!!

MCAS weblink


Hello there! My name is Stewie and I am an active young snuggle machine. I am a super fast learner and can't wait for you to show me the way. I have been spending some time in a foster home and they have found out so much about me. I am extremely cuddly and just want to be as close as possible to you 24/7. Are you looking for a shadow? I am good about sleeping on my bed next to yours and am learning about all the great things that come with living inside. I am still learning about house pembinaan but its only been a couple days and I am already starting to get the hang of it so I think that will happen easily. I already know "sit" and "lay downdanquot; and I am working on my "stay". I have met many dogs during my time at the shelter and just can't get enough of playing with them. Speaking of love...Do you have toys? Because, well those are my favorite too! I am great at fetch and will bring back just about anything you toss for me. I have been waiting for a new home for almost a year now and the shelter staff and volunteers are so in love with me but just can't wait for me to find my forever family. My adoption comes with some special requirements regarding fencing and my time out of the yard but I promise they are worth it! I would also prefer kids in the home to be over the age of 10 years. Talk to an adoption counselor today to find out all about me! I am back from my vacation and at the shelter if you are interested in meeting me today come on down!

2 yrs 7 mths, 48 lbs

photos courtesy of Stewie's temporary foster home -

it's so great to see him outside of the shelter!!!

MCAS Volunteers love Stewie!

here are some other comments recently made to Stewie's photoblog posting. Please note that as a volunteer, I'm not able to directly answer any questions/concerns, and you would need to direct them to the shelter for a response. Please note that the restrictions were imposed by a judge, not MCAS, and as such, they can't be reviewed until a year has passed from the time Stewie was officially released to shelter ownership (in June 2017?)  Some of us believe that a muzzle restriction would only apply in Multnomah Co.

"Stewie remains at MCAS not because of who he is but because of pointless thoughtless restrictions imposed upon his adoption. He has been at MCAS for nearly a year. The single incident that caused his impoundment and restrictions on his adoption occurred a year ago when Stewie and his brother escaped an insecure fenced yard; a minor bite occurred while both were at large resulting in his classification although no one could even confirm it was Stewie who bit. So in an excess of precaution both were classified. Stewie has since more than proven himself in a difficult shelter environment getting along well with many personalities and dogs. He has been repeatedly used as a tester dog even having fur ripped out of him during one of the test introductions. MCAS has the discretion to lift the restrictions imposed upon Stewie. He has more than proven himself a lovable caring dog." anonymous

"Stewie is such a doll. I know that when he finds a forever home, he will absolutely blossom. He is so sweet and eager to please. Once he finds the right family, he will love them unconditionally."

"Is there any chance that MCAS would lift the classification/restrictions if he and his owner met some condition(s)? Like, if he completed Canine Good Citizen pembinaan and testing? I have been looking for a dog a lot like Stewie, but I have kids and we are often around other kids and playgrounds, etc., and I just don't think it would work to have a dog with his classification, and the muzzle restriction it requires. (We would fulfill the other restrictions even if they were not required--though have a secure yard and wouldn't leave a dog outside alone, anyway.)

It just seems like the classification is at odds with everything else about him, including the fact that they consider him adoptable."


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