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"TOBY" UPDATE! lovable mature weimaraner - Oregon Weimaraner Rescue

Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!


Jan 2018

email contact:


Toby  (1/22 adoption pending) Oregon Weimaraner Rescue weblink

UPDATE 1/4/2018: "The personality of Mr Toby is truly coming out now and it is delightful. Tobster is great, he really is. He comes to work with me everyday (along with his 3 other companions) and is totally content to be my 2nd shop dog floor warmer and intersperse that rigorous job with some perimeter patrol and guest greeting. As for some day to day stuff: Toby sleeps in his crate and willingly spends time in it when he needs a break from "the others", he frequently attempts to engage the 3 y/o weim in play (or at least chase), gives affection constantly, obeys commands and lets you fuss with his extremities. Things are really going well with Toby and he has gained a ton of confidence in our home, he now just needs to find his loving forever home. If you want a dog who has a playful attitude, loving disposition and is all trusting (once he knows you are a good person), then Toby is for you.

Oh, and as a fun aside, Toby has the biggest dog mitts I have ever seen on a weim of his size, they are noticeably large and you can feel him coming down a hallway even though he is fairly thin."

Children: Older ......Cats: No......Dogs: Depends....

Suggested adoption donation $any

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