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"SHEBA" UPDATE cuddly exhuberant Pitbull

ADOPTED by her Foster home!

Feb 2018

From her foster, Danny-

"Sheba knows sit, down, shake, and most of roll over. She is fully house-trained and will sometimes whine and go to the door if she needs to go. She does not have any issues with us handling her toys or food. She plays really softly when she does use her mouth. Although she is super playful, she?S actually quite the 'easy keeper' being that when we are working or watching a movie she will just come relax by our feet. We took her on a long walk which was followed by a three hour nap, lol. She will also happily entertain herself with a ball.

Sheba's favorite things include tug-o-war, fetch, getting petted, cuddling, and being wrapped up in a blanket before bed. She seems to have no issues with human strangers visiting, but she will bark at deer!"

happy adoption update photos courtesy of Sheba's new home!

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Sheba here! I am a gorgeous and equally as sweet lady of just tiga years. I love a good play session or maybe a walk around the block but I am bound to follow that up with a lengthy nap. I am an easy house guest and if you are needing to work or maybe relax with a movie, I am happy to

just lay at your feet and enjoy the experience as well. I am house trained and even know a few tricks already. I love to play fetch and just can't get enough of your pets. I am a great cuddler and love to be wrapped up in a blanket before dozing off for my night of sleeping. I am really hoping that I can be your one true love though and would need to be the only dog in the home. I am also hoping that we could have no young kids in

the home. If you have questions or are interested in meeting me, please contact the foster coordinator at foster@multco.us or 503-988-6670 to set up a time. I promise to charm you!

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