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"JUSTUS" cattle dog/pitmix


Feb 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's myMcas weblink    (2/25 potential adopter - check back)


Hi my name is Justus, did my unusual looks catch your eye? Well I have all sorts of tricks to impress you with. I have an excellent sit and down with treats and I can catch my treats with amazing accuracy! I am also a born athlete so an active family is a must. I am an escape artist and will need a secure fence and must not be left alone outside, as I can climb them. Don't worry we will have so much fun. I have so many plans for our future, let's get started! I am a black and white male American Pitbull and maybe some Australian Cattle Dog thrown in. I am around lima years old and weigh about 57 lbs.

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