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Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

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Lived with cats and small dogs

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While Rainbow came to us because she fought with another spayed female rabbit in her previous home, she also lived with & tolerated small dogs and cats in the same home. She is wonderfully house-trained and while she does not like to be picked up, she is learning that people give her good things (like treats) if she can be petted! Be consistently gentle with her and your patience will be rewarded. Like most rabbits, Rainbow is cautious around new people and situations but is curious too. She will need very slow, proper introductions with other rabbits in her new home or may be best as an only rabbit.


a young rabbit

here's my Mcas weblink


Berrie is a usually calm, curious bunny who is still a little shy of people. She will take food gently from your hand and loves fresh greens. She probably hasn't had much handling in her past, but is learning to associate humans with good things like food and pets. She has been pretty good about using her litter box here and only has the occasional accident.  1 yr 6 lbs


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