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"JIGGLES" a big sweetie "project" dog

"TRANSFERRED" to a MCAS Placement Partner!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Here's my Mcas weblink


Hi, I'm Jiggles a girl in need of some TLC so I can live a happy retired life. I'm about 8 years old and currently weigh 108lbs. As you can see, I desparately need to go on a diet and get some gentle exercise to regain my girlish figure. The shelter vet says I have an under active thryroid and that if I take my pill twice a day it will help me shed some pounds. I am really happiest being where my people are. I would love nothing more than a comfy bed to curl up on or to go along with you on brief walks. If you are seeking a relaxed and easy-going friend to keep you company through your life, then I am the dog for you! Through thick and thin, I will be by your side.  8 yrs, 3 mths, 105 (very overweight) lbs

poor baby, all this extra weight is so hard on her

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