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"CERSEI" young female Husky


May 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

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Hello! Did I catch your eye? My name is Cersei, I am a fun, playful, and energetic Husky pup that is about 10 months old! I am looking for a home that understands that Huskies can't be cooped up all day! I will go for a run in the morning, a hike in the afternoon, play fetch in the evening, and unwind with some play at home before bed - and I would love nothing more than to have someone who can keep up with me. It is important that I have an outlet for my boundless energy, so let us get together and explore the outdoors! The best family for me will be active and willing to tire me out! I am still learning my manners, and can be a little hyper and jumpy at times, so because of that I will need a home with kids lima and older! Ask to meet me today!

Cersei is less confident than her brother Jaime and will especially benefit from positive socialization. She's a beautiful young dog.

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