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"VAN WINKLE" - you'll love him! Senior Pomeranian


May 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

VAN WINKLE   Pomeranian


here's myMcas weblink

Hello, I am Van Winkle - the most charming little Pomeranian gentleman you're ever likely to meet! There is nothing I love more than a cozy, warm bed and some good company. I can get playful and will hop around with you excitedly, but what I am looking for the most is a retirement home. Ideally I'd like someplace that can help manage my medical issues while providing me with lots of love and adoration! We can discuss our favorite foods while you give me pets and attention. I promise to provide you with lots of laid-back love and friendship if you save me a spot on the couch!

13 yrs, 5.Lima lbs

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