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"HUCK" sweetie sensitive Plott Hound


Mar 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Mcas weblink   (adoption pending 4/1)


My name is Huck and my favorite hobby is exploring! I am a curious, smart dog and I love to learn new things about the world around me. I would love to have a job to do or learn some new tricks to give my mind something to work on. I am about 6 years old and weigh a thin 51 pounds. I am typically good with big dogs, but should not live with small dogs, cats or other small pets as I have a strong prey drive and like a lot of hounds, I love a good chase. I am afraid of strange men and the shelter recommends working with a trainer to help me overcome my fear, develop manners and gain more confidence about the world around me.  6 years (thin) 55lbs

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