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"VINNIE" lively fun Husky mix - at OHS


May 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Vinnie and doing his photos at Mcas. Vinnie is fun, currently quite anxious, lovable, funny, affectionate, very soft and has lots of energy. He actually paid attention to me when I called him to "comedanquot; which is impressive for a Husky mix!

AVAILABLE for ADOPTION at Oregon Humane Society!

OHS weblink


What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • I came all the way to OHS through the Second Chance Program.
  • I am eager to learn and a Basic Manners class may be just the right thing for us!
  • I have lived with cats in my last home.
  • I have a history of taking myself out on adventures! I will need supervision when outdoors or we can go on adventures together, on leash of course!
  • I am used to living an active lifestyle! I would love to go running or hiking with you!
  • I am very selective with my dog friends.
  • I am not well suited for going to the dog park.

The type of home I?M looking for:

  • I will need to meet any dogs you have before adoption.
  • I will do best in a home that can be dedicated to providing me with daily mental and physical exercise.
  • I may do best with someone who can be with me most of the time.
  • Click here or visit OHS to learn more about the adoption process!

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