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"PEANUT" and "BUTTER" - BONDED PAIR - tiny Chihuahaus

Apr 2018

"TRANSFERREDdanquot; to Placement Partner!

"Peanut and butter are awsome little dogs they are funny to watch play they love to rough house with each other. I had both dogs in my house hold for 2 weeks. They were learning how to walk on leash and ask to go out to go potty (going to the door and whining) they love stuff toys and treats. I was feeding them wet food in the a.m dry food out for them all day and wet food before bed they were under weight when i got them so the feeding may change. I had them on Nutro Essentials toy breed chicken and brown rice. Ok with kids shy at first but open up quickly. Both Butter and peanut like to sit next to you and be pet. Whoever is looking for good companionship and a good laugh these two are the pair for you!"

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Butter weblink


Hi! My name is Butter, I am a 1-1/2 year old Chihuahua that weighs 3 pounds! I am the dog who is always prepared for a marathon - as long as it is a movie marathon. There is nothing I love more than a cozy, warm bed and some good company. I am a little more on the shy side, and take a bit to warm up to my surroundings and to new people - but the staff here say I've come out of my shell so much! I will need to go to a home with kids 12 and up, and need to go home with my partner in crime Peanut because we are a bonded pair. We want to be the center of attention, so we should be the only dogs in the household. Our behavior around cats is unknown. We are so small we might be able to squeeze out of a kennel, so the shelter has us together in an office. Please ask to see us.

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