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"PEANUT" aka "REBEL" Pitbull Puppy Happy Adoption Update!

Happy adoption Update!

Mar 2018

"I adopted this pup, then known as Peanut, back in September when he was 11 weeks. He has been such a loving and welcome addition to our family. I swear he thinks he is a cat since our only other animal is a kitty. He even walks along the back of the couch like her. It's pretty adorable.

He loves his kids and hasn't met a person or animal that he doesn't like. I went in to the shelter looking for an adult dog but after Rebel licked me it was game over. Thank you MCAS for helping us find each other."

-Stevawn G.


Sept 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

Butters here! I am a sweet and cuddly little man of just 2 months. I came to the shelter with my litter mates and we were all lucky enough to spend the last few weeks in a foster home. We have been learning about how great the world is and now we are ready for our forever home. If you are interested in meeting us, we will be available for adoption on Tuesday, September 19th. There will be a sign up sheet at 11am in front of the shelter. Applicants will be reviewed in order and must be present when we open at 12pm. Come and meet us!

Peanut mcas weblink  11 weeks 9.6lbs

animal #117065

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