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"COLBY" (aka Linus) loves his security blanket


Apr 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink


Colby here! I am an active and playful male Pitbull. I am the worlds biggest cuddlebug but don't do well with other animals. I also like to play and sometimes I just get so excited I will jump up and grab the first thing that looks like a toy - especially when I am over-excited. I would love a family that can keep me mentally and physically stimulated and help curb some of my rude behaviors like jumping up and using my mouth inappropriately. I would need to go home with a harness as I am VERY strong when walking on leash. I am looking for a family who does not take life too seriously that will be patient, positive and lift me to my potential of being a perfect pup! I would need an adult only home and to be the only animal in my home. 3 yrs 65 lbs

Colby is a cutie.  He carries his blanket

and sucks on it like a baby :)

photo credit - a Mcas volunteer

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