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"BOLT" UPDATE! (aka "Bo") lover boy (Lab mix)

Aug 28 adoption update!


Aug 2018

Bolt and his new mom Loretta M

We are all so happy for you both!

Please keep him safe, try to be patient and forgiving, and just know that you made the right decision to adopt Bolt. Make sure to ask for help if have any questions.  Bo was in the shelter for 8 months and may take awhile to settle into his new routines, but you'll be so happy you gave him this chance.  Love him always for all of us who care about him.

Bo, I'm gonna miss you. Tears of Joy for my special boy.

Bolt is a Lover boy!

Pics here are with his friend Zoey

- and he kept coming back over to me too - share the love:)

Bolt loves his women friends (and nice gentlemen too)

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's myMcas weblink


Hi there! My name is Bolt, I am a 4 year old, 56lb lab mix who has worked my way into the hearts of many volunteers and staff here at MCAS. It could be because of my sweet and sensitive eyes, my gentle kennel presentation, or my stylish-superhero looks! For those I recognize and adore, I stand on my hind legs and greet them happily at the front of my kennel. I do have a prey drive for smaller critters, and the shelter is seeking an adult-only home with no other animals. I have some other adoption requirements, which the shelter will review with you during the interview process. Do you think I could marvel my way into your life? Ask to meet me today! I AM IN A DIFFERENT PART OF THE SHELTER, ASK TO MEET ME TODAY


Do you believe that a really good dog should get a second chance for a good home finally in his life?

Are you looking for a dog who loves belly rubs and giving affection? A dog who bonds strongly, but also is affectionate/loving to more than one person and one who appreciates the small kindness you can give him? How about a dog who has an amazing sense of smell and knows when you will appear without hearing your voice or your step, or being able to see your presence?

Please consider Bolt - one of the longest term (and the best) dog residents at the shelter.

So why would a lab mix be one of the longer term shelter dogs - and still not adopted? Bo and his canine brother, were not kept responsibly and spent alot of time in an insecurely fenced yard. One time when they got out together, they unfortunately injured a small dog. They both ended up at the shelter because of this.

Bolt also has fears of some strangers rushing into his space without warning, but is

generally an easy/non reactive guy to take out around people and other dogs.

Bo has some Multnomah County adoption requirements which is making it tough for him to find a new home; The requirement are easily manageable for any responsible loving home - which is what he needs and deserves- but sadly none of the interested people liking Bolt who are looking for a "Lab mixdanquot; ever go any further in the adoption process once they find out he has any "stips" attached to his adoption.

Come on guys, give Bolt a Chance! Bolt is a very amazing dog that any gentle  dog/ savvy person would be blessed to adopt.

The adoption requirements are also easier to meet if the responsible adopter lives outside of Multnomah Co. ( and yes, he deserves a responsible owner this time)


All Bolt's many fans are currently grateful that he is still staying sane, especially now that he is moved to a calmer area, and that he is still available to find a new home.

We ALL wish someone wonderful would finally come to the shelter soon to adopt this sweet guy!!!

Please come visit Bolt and give him a chance to show you his amazing self. PLEASE NOTE _ BOLT IS  LOCATED IN A DIFFERENT AREA (and doing better because of it)  PLEASE ASK TO MEET HIM!


Thanks Zoe for caring for Bolt

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