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"MALFOY" nice Pitbull boy - knows "sit" "down" "shake"


Aug 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's myMcas weblink


WELL HELLO THERE ITS SO NICE TO MEET YOU! My name is Malfoy! A young Pit Bull fella. Wow, it is SO nice to meet you. Did I mention that? Gosh, I just love you already! I am a big, goofy boy, that sometimes does not know my own strength. I get excited by things like seeing my people, getting ready to go on walks, and just life in general! I jump up and sometimes use my body without realizing I weigh so much. Don't worry though, I am a smart boy, and that is nothing positive reinforcement training cannot fix. I already know "sit", "shake", "down", and would love to enthusiastically learn more! My ideal home will be active, because I have LOTS of energy that I need to burn. Because of my strength and jumpy tendencies, I will need to go to a home with kids 15 an older. Do you think you have a home for me? Ask to meet me today!!!!!!!!!!


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