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"PEDRO" med sz. unique. all american mutt (ridgeback, sharpei, plus more!)


May 2018

Pedro is IMO a classic mutt! Which is a good thing ;)

He has shorter ears, a bluish tongue and dainty feet like a SharPei,

the coloring of a Ridgeback (or?) but who knows what else is in the blend?

Pedro is a gentle guy, a bit skittish of some new things but is also quite curious.

When he's comfortable he shows his playful side and starts to do zooming

and roll in the grass.

He's smaller than he might appear to be in his photos

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Mcas we blink


My name is Pedro and I make the best of every situation and I love to play! If you are looking for a fun, playful dog to add some joy to your life and help make you laugh, then look no further. I will bring endless fun and keep you entertained with my goofy antics. If you can keep up with me then I promise that we will have a life full of enjoyment with lots of great stories! I can be shy at times and at other times very exuberant. If you have kids in the home they will need to be over the age of 5 years. Please come and meet me today!  5 years, 38 lbs (a bit too thin)

Pedro is smaller than he might look in these pics.

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