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"MOUSE" little guy


Aug 2018

"Super-sweet little fellow. If the folks who met with Mouse last night follow through and come in to adopt him today after his neuter, Mouse will have a fabulous familydanquot;Candy B.

Mcas weblink (8/13 potential adopter)


Hi my name is Mouse, a shy but super sweet Chihuahua fella. I am the most loving little dude looking for my new family! I am a little fearful at times, especially when I first meet new people, but I warm up quickly with time! My new family will be patient with me while I adjust to my new surroundings! I have shown to be dog social as well in the shelter, and would love to meet any Canine pals you already have living at home! I need to go to a home with kids over the age of 5. Ask to meet me today!  2 yrs 8 lbs

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