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"MAXINE" happy adoption Update!

Maxine - Happy Adoption Update!

Aug 2018

Maxine was originally available for adoption at MCAS then transferred to the Placement Partner

Tillamook County Animal Aide foster home to further heal her skin, and receive additional

pembinaan skills prior to adoption.

Here is the Rescue class's Facebook posting for Maxine's adoption!

"⚜️MAXINE, you made it!⚜️ 🎀Our Maxine has found the end to her journey. She began as a "don't want anymore" dog at the Multnomah County Animal Services. She showed up in such poor condition it would have made most folks very upset, burning and balding skin all over her body. But so easiliy controlled!? Why? In any case, through a

transfer partnership, we brought Miss Maxine to TCAA here on the coast to give her even extra special attention and offer her some O-YA DAWGS training courses! After just a short time on our special "skin" sajian and a few bathes at the hands of our caring volunteers, Maxine's skin/hair problems were almost at thing of the past! It really doesn't take much to turn a dogs skin around. ( If you know someone with a similar persoalan, message us! )

????? As magic usually happens, the perfect person came into Maxine's radar and once hearing her story, never looked away. Maxine was her new favorite friend, her bestie, her BFF! YES!! Maxine is a Ball loving, toy taking, squeak obsessed ride or die girl and she has struck gold. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU MAX!!!

Love lots girly and live well! You'll never be neglected or shunned again! 🎁🎉

🔅Thanks to Multnomah County Animal Services for sharing trusting Miss Maxine with us, we've loved being a part of her story.

🔅HUGE thanks to Josif at Oregon Youth Authority Camp Tillamook Work Study Center for Boys for the dedication towards Maxine's awesome new set of skills she gets to take with her and keep in her life forever..

??AND THANK YOU TO OUR KENNEL SPONSORS!!! With your yearly support we are able to offer dogs, like Maxine, the opportunity to heal by feeding her a specific diet and vitamin regimen as well as a few other tips and tricks. Max's tail wags for YOU TOO!"

"Available for adoption - Tillamook County Animal Aid, Rescue!

"We absolutely LOVE her!"  BAPBR

Maxine's Tillamook County Animal Aid Rescue's petfinder link

Maxine is a young adult Pitty girl who came to us from a large city shelter. We took her on so that she could enter our O-YA DAWGS obedience pembinaan camp, which she is enjoying!

About 4 years old, our young Maxine is crazy for toys! She's very motivated to play play and play! She enjoys all types of toys and will carry her toy around and play Keep-a-way with you until you eventually give up. Maxine is "down for anything". She loves to go for walks, she loves to play hard, ride in the truck, go on adventures or just stay home and cuddle on the couch! As long as she's with someone who loves her, she's happy.

Maxine does well with cats and kids. However, with any young pitbull, we recommend children over the age of 8 and children who are taught to respect the boundaries of this breed and no rough-housing. We want her to be set up for success! She ignores cats appropriately but it doesn't hurt to use caution when introducing any new dog to a cat. They'll need to learn each other's boundaries.

Maxine would like to be your only dog. She does not show signs of dog aggression, but she does have some space concerns. She'd do much better in a home where she is your "babydanquot; and gets all of your love and attention. Again, we want to find her a home where she'll succeed. Besides, Maxine is ENOUGH dog! She'll keep you plenty busy!

As stated earlier, Maxine has a bad case of Malassezia Dermatitis. That means she has a severe yeast infection that plagues her whole body from her gut to her skin. However, this is treatable and manageable with consistent care, and high-quality grain-free food. We are treating her with homeopathic remedies and she is on Vet prescribed medication. She'll need several baths a week and special skin care. Her hair will eventually grow back. However, none of these issues damper her spirit! She is as happy as can be. Just imagine how happy she'll be completely healed.

"TRANSFERRED"to Tillamook County Animal Aid, Rescue!

June 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

MAXINE female pitmix

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