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"TOKIN" gentle senior mix


Sept 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Tokin, american shelter dog

Mcas weblink


My name is Tokin. As you can see, I'm a bit of a fixer-pupper, but the shelter says someone is going to get a wonderful companion. The shelter has got me on the road to a better life with some medicine for my skin and extra food. Now I need someone to take me the rest of the way. I am the sweetest boy and really love getting petted and being with my people. If you are seeking a relaxed and easy-going friend to keep you company through your life, then I am the dog for you! I am 9 years old and weigh 54lbs.

Tokin is the nicest mature boy

Volunteer Quimby, ResQ Animal Massage, gave Token a nice massage this weekend

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